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Tamzen Cannoy tamzen at worldbenders.com
Fri Aug 10 09:14:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

At 1:22 PM +0200 8/4/01, Ola Fosheim Gr=F8stad wrote:

> Although this might work for less RP inclined players, i.e. you
> might be able to turn some non-RPers into RP, I somehow doubt that
> "true" RPers would be motivated by points or scoring systems at
> all.  Because, for the "true" RPer, gratification is in instant
> make-believe, or even _annoying_ other players with your invented
> personality.

> Won't scoring systems just encourage populist "surface" RP and
> discourage deep one-on-one personality immersion and conflicts?
> Well, I guess it could turn off those pesky OOC people and that
> would be an improvement, but there is the danger that you will get
> less drama if players try to kiss eachother's asses too much too
> often.

On Ambermush where I've played since about '94, it works
well. During the month you nominate CHARACTERS (not players) that RP
well or code well or plot well or help newbies, or just basically
enhance the mush. Then there is a vote at the end of the month (or
when the wizzes have the time, so sometimes it's longer). The voting
is done on panels of six players who vote on slates of 6 names at a
time for about 30-42 names per panel. You can abstain if you don't
know someone, you can ask about quickly for friends opinions, etc. I
will nominate and vote for characters I can't stand but who've been
obnoxious in a way that leads to more RP for everyone. While it is a
bit of a popularity contest sometimes, it still seems to work, since
the RP is the goal. I certainly haven't seen this "discourage deep
one-on-one personality immersion and conflicts" too much, though it
is true you may get more votes if you hang out in the more public

I've played a 6 year old kid who only got to RP inside her own home
but still managed to get advancement sometimes. But that isn't why I
RP, it's just a way to *very slowly* by training or powers.


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