[MUD-Dev] Anarchy Online (was Community Feeling)

Koster Koster
Fri Aug 10 15:09:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Steve (Bloo) Daniels

> "Competitor" is a much preferable term than "killer".  However,
> "Cooperation" is not its opposite.  Group competition is both
> competitive and cooperative. There are lone-wolf competitors and
> team competitors.  Player *group* vs. player *group* or "Guild
> vs. Guild".  Where does the player most interested in this score
> on the Bartle Quiz?  I don't think he does. He gets a high
> "Killer" score.  These are the games I play and design.  Which
> suggests to me that the Bartle Quotient has some serious holes in
> it that mitigate its utility. No offense to its Mr. Bartle.
> Perhaps I'll put my criticisms of it in a more constructive form
> someday soon.

That's a hole only because it's a misapplication of the
definition. Ignoring the term "Killer" for a moment (as it's only a
label), the real definition of the quadrant in Bartle's scheme is
"people who like to act on others."  This handily embraces all forms
of direct player-player competition.

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