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Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no> Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no>
Mon Aug 13 13:57:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Dave Kennerly wrote:

> I imagine a comparison helps, but I also imagine this thought has
> already been discussed by someone somewhere in insightful depth.
> I've read a tiny sample of the wealth written on Myers-Briggs
> personality types, its origins and applications (Carl Jung,
> Medieval Alchemists, the Tarot, and more).

For those that don't know the MBTI, it consists of 4 dimensions:

  Extrovert (E) / Introvert (I)
  Sensation (S) / Intuition (N) ("details" vs "the whole")
  Thinking  (T) / Feeling   (F)
  Judging   (J) / Perceiving(P) (outcome/winning vs process/participation)

I am not sure how useful this is, and of course, people behave
differently under different conditions. Introvert people might
become extrovert when online in a safe context and soforth...

Anyway. Let's try to use the four MBTI dimensions even if it doesn't
quite fit:

  * Extrovert / Introvert

    This seems to map to the people/world axis, thus killers and
    socialisers are extrovert. Except, of course, if killers tend to
    be of few words then you have a contradiction... But then again,
    they do get their energy from dealing with other people and
    organizers/leadertypes (one of the killers) are obviously

  * Sensation / Intuition

    This one is more difficult to apply. Explorers are sensation
    oriented, they want to understand thing on a micro
    level. Socialisers are intuition oriented, they are likely to
    care about the larger social framework. Killers are probably
    intuition oriented as they are opportunistic and go with the
    general trends...?  Achievers are probably again more on the
    micro level.

  * Thinking / Feeling

    Again socialisers/killers seems to be more bent towards feeling
    and achievers/explorers towards thinking.

  * Judging / Perceiving

    This one look easy, but is still a bit difficult to
    apply. Achievers are obviously judging and socialisers
    perceiving. Exploreres and killers are more difficult to
    place. It is tempting to say that killers are judging and
    explorers are perceiving.

Of course, there are plenty of other dimensions that might be
interesting, for instance the adoption vs innovation dimension (by

  * Adoption (A) / Innovation (V)

    Killers are clearly innovative, they don't adopt, they challenge
    the existing. Achievers are highly adopting. Socialisers are
    probably adopting. Explorers are probably bent towards the

Then we get (low cap indicating weak correlation)

  enFJV Killer
  IsTJA Achiever
  IsTPv Explorer
  ENFPA Socialiser

> Myers-Briggs (Temperament) : Bartle

>     SP : Killer
>     SJ : Achiever
>     NT : Explorer
>     NF : Socializer

I seem to disagree with you on the killer and the explorer.

> HUMANMETRICS : Jung - Myers-Briggs Test


Disclaimer: I am (slowly) working on a paper "problematizing"
(challenging/discussing) player type classification. This, however,
isn't it.

Ola  -  http://www.notam.uio.no/~olagr/

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