[MUD-Dev] Personality Types (was Anarchy Online (was Community Feeling))

Ling Lo ling at slimy.com
Tue Aug 14 02:18:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Ian Collyer wrote:

> The Bartle Test at andreasen.org (www.andreasen.org/bartle/) asks
> for MBTI type after you have taken the test, but I couldn't find
> any stats on MBTI on the site.

I have reservations about the above test.  Mainly that it uses
leading questions and the questions tend to be very similar to each
other.  It's almost like having the same questions reworded.

Not being the psychologist type, can anyone give a better critique
of the survey's design?

  |   Ling Lo

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