[MUD-Dev] Pocket PC Development

Frank Crowell maddog at shell9.ba.best.com
Wed Aug 15 19:09:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Peter Tyson wrote:

> Still surprised a little that no one in the MUD world has thought
> of offering their game with a premium subscription for PPC
> use. The classic idea of playing UO at home and then managing your
> trade/vendors with your PPC when away from home. I'm sure there is
> an audience for that kind of continued gameplay. And they'd pay
> too.

Actually at least one version of this was in the works several years
ago.  It was part of a wearable computer project that some former
VPL guys were working on.  The virtual world server was based on
forth and had multiuser support.  The client was also a forth engine
with a Renderware 3D driver.  Client/server were connected through a
wireless modem.The guys were working with VR goggles and trying to
get the PC down to something that was beyond the technology
commerically available.  Since they were working on a
proof-of-concept, they weren't trying to deal with weight and
battery life.

Conceptually, it is not hard to imagine a lightweight client for the
PDAs.  I believe the way that the wireless phone services are
handling web stuff is that they use a server to do most of the work,
then format and send to the phone just the data it needs for the
request.  Of course in a mud you don't need a separate server -- you
just build in the hooks that you need.

The basic problem is that wireless service for the PDAs is fairly
limited.  Cell phones have a much better network, but their cost is
horrendous.  The service from MobileAria actually gets its wireless
from a cell phone and then feeds it into the Palm. Great for the
phone companies, but not great for me.

It's an interesting project though.


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