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> In a lot of ways I think the people who go take tests like that
> are self-selected. But I also agree with what Ling said, the
> questions are funky (how's that for a scientific critique?). There
> are several I'd like to choose more than one answer for and a
> couple I want a NONE option. For some reason I took it twice and I
> know I didn't score the same both times because of things like
> that. It wasn't widely different but enough to notice.

My problem with Myers-Brigg is that I get that "need a NEITHER
option" problem in a big way. I've taken the test a couple of times
and got very different results. I think its probably just the same
problem that sometimes happens with the Belbin team roles testing
(which gives you roles such as: inventor, manager, project-manager,
negotiator, high-initiative-person, etc) - because the roles
themselves describe a person, people tend to think of themselves as
that stereotype - but the stereotypes are intended to be only a
facet of your character, and you are expected to show more than one
of them, and even to change significantly over time and in different
situations. But at least the results of Belbin show that, giving a
separate score for your correlation with each and every role.

Adam M
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