[MUD-Dev] TECH: programming languages (was: Re: TECH: STL / Heaps, etc.)

Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at digitalkingdom.org
Thu Aug 16 11:41:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 07:44:59AM -0600, Bruce Mitchener wrote:

> Another fun example would be E.  With full capability-based
> security at one's fingertips, some pretty cool features could be
> given to the users.

I'm doing capability security for a MOO project in Oz, myself.


It's a wicked-cool language.  It doesn't have the crypto that E
does, yet, but it's got a lot of other things that are really,
really nice, like extremely light-weight threads (I've run test
programs that fork 10M threads without any visible slowdown on my

So far, it looks like there's going to be about 300 lines of ex-db
code, because so many of the things I want to do are trivial in the
language.  I'm patterning after CoolMUD, which I'm the maintainer


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