[MUD-Dev] Pocket PC Development

Coyote Coyote at TimeofDarkness.com
Thu Aug 16 13:05:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> I myself own an integrated PocketPC/GSM phone. The PocketPC has
> direct access to the modem in the Phone part of the device (it
> appears as COM6: and can be used by PPCs dial up
> networking). However, dialing up the internet at 9600bps is a
> major pain, and I sure the time it takes to log on wasn't this
> annoying 10 years ago. So the slow speed and high call costs would
> at this stage make online RPGing and MUDding uneconomic, and
> mostly impractical.  GPRS, which is already available in Europe
> and the UK, promises always on, medium speed access, but at the
> moment is still out of reach for most users, due to limited
> support on the hardware. When it does start to hit the mainstream,
> I think mobile online gaming (MOG?) will finally take off.

One thing to think about is the richochet (I know they went out of
buisness) type companies. Unlimited access, and the interface is a
card in the PDA.  Another thought is just a wireless network around
a place of buisiness. I know these are mainly limited to the US
market, but I can see them spreading soon. This would open up the
avaliability of online gaming. Instead of just a simple interface,
have entire games that have the PocketPC's as just another client
interface. I've thought about the possibility of trying to make just
a regular mud client on a IPaq. With as many as are out there, there
might be a decent number of people that are interested in this.


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