[MUD-Dev] Pocket PC Development

Frank Crowell maddog at shell9.ba.best.com
Thu Aug 16 19:45:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Good grief, I am going to get suckered into this project yet.

Peter Tyson wrote:

>   Joe Gamer plays Shadowbane, he does his normal stuff with
>   'L33tk1llaH' his PC, leveling and bashing stuff, but he also
>   owns a forge and the npcs in it.  He goes to work in the morning
>   with his pda. Syncing his PDA at work get gets stock levels and
>   info from his shop (he of course can do all this in game
>   too). Using his PDA in a meeting he orders more raw materials,
>   sets the priorities for manufacture, changes prices, sends
>   messages to his guildmates and organises the training/hirring of
>   a new NPC. When he goes back to his desk he re-syncs his PDA and
>   the data is sent to the Server and confirmed. I guess he is
>   running a thin-client which is a simple (need not be terribly
>   graphical either) interface which leaves the working out of
>   results to the server. It could only handle a small set of tasks
>   such as messaging, training, production, city management or
>   whatehaveyou and would of course require everything to be
>   confirmed by the server.

Yes, has some things that I really like. I don't know about the
commerical prospects, but it has a lot of sizzle.

> Cost isn't so bad in Europe. Yeah, American's have a bad time of
> it I know ;) Not sure about the rest, Europe is ok tho.  

I guess if I give up the 24/7 model for the client and think of it
more as on-demand, then maybe this is workable.  I am sure the the
wireless phone makers are hot for anything that burns up connection

> Anyway, it's a fun idea and I reckon a real revenue winner. I
> don't think the programming overheads would be too high and I'm
> sure people would pay a few extra dollars for the service every
> month. Good fun!  

I am willing to have more conversations about this.  If this topic
doesn't fit MUD-DEV, I believe that I still have an unused mail list
from vworlds that can be used to for this.  In fact my unwritten
charter is that the list exists for virtual worlds development
projects.  So this could be the first.


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