[MUD-Dev] CoolMUD lives!, sort of.

Bruce Mitchener bruce at puremagic.com
Thu Aug 16 20:52:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Robin Lee Powell wrote:

> So, from an offhand comment here, someone mailed me and it turns
> out that at least on full-scale CoolMUD server was running
> somewhere, which means there may have been, or may still be, more.
> So, let me introduce myself.  Hi, I'm the maintainer for CoolMUD.
> The official page for it is at

>   http://www.digitalkingdom.org/~rlpowell/coolmud/index.html

I looked at your site and I looked at some of a diff of your 2.3
vs. the 2.1.4 that I found elsewhere.

I found it somewhat hard to identify the changes without a
changelog. :) Any clues for us?  What plans, apart from scrapping it
one day in favor of the Mozart/Oz codebase, do you have for it?
What else might you have to say about it or the changes that you've

And, for you or anyone familiar with it, what would you say its
strengths are?  The weaknesses?

  - Bruce

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