[MUD-Dev] Pocket PC Development

Frank Crowell maddog at shell9.ba.best.com
Thu Aug 16 23:07:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Coyote wrote:

> card in the PDA.  Another thought is just a wireless network
> around a place of buisiness. I know these are mainly limited to
> the US market, but I can see them spreading soon. This would open
> up the avaliability of online gaming. Instead of just a simple
> interface, have entire games that have the PocketPC's as just
> another client interface. I've thought about the possibility of
> trying to make just a regular mud client on a IPaq. With as many
> as are out there, there might be a decent number of people that
> are interested in this.  

Actually I was going to experiment with a wireless network.  But
then I got distracted with that idea and felt that it was just as
easy to subscribe to a PDA wireless service. Too bad the service is
dead now.

I still believe that a person could put together some interesting
projects based on a wireless net.  Unfortunately companies are right
now only paying for cost-saving solutions so its hard to get anyone
to sponsor a project like this.

The nice thing about a wireless net is that you can walk around with
your computer and get information where you need it, or control some
piece of computer action. I am not sure what hardware you can use
with the PDA such as Palm or PPC.

I did a brief probject in late 1999 with Glenayre and Handspring.
In that case we were using a 2-way pager that fit in the Handspring
module.  Glenayre ran into some difficulties so I don't think the
product ever made it to market.  Now that whole division at Glenayre
has been fired -- ok, downsized.


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