[MUD-Dev] MBTI vs Bartle Type (was: Personality Types)

Ian Collyer i.collyer at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 17 00:24:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

I think one reason why MBTI types may not correlate too well with
Bartle types is that MBTI attempts to categorise motivations whereas
the Bartle type (or perhaps it's just the Bartle test) seems to
categorise observable actions.

For example my Bartle test score (E 80%, A 46%, K 46%, S 26%)
correctly identifies my main trait as an Explorer, but my relatively
strong Achiever and Killer scores bear further explanation.

Whilst I do engage in both Achiever and Killer style activity, my
main motivation is still the Exploring of the mechanics of
those. Any actual Achieving or Killing is driven more by a desire to
'field test' my theories rather than to Achieve or Kill.

Socialising, which doesn't respond as easily to rational Explorer
style analysis, scores low as I'd expect.

Looked at in this way I think that multiple MBTI traits may map onto
the same Bartle type, but for different reasons.  I don't think
we'll find a simple relationship between a MBTI axis and a Bartle

On a different note, I was surprised at first to note that Erwin's
stats showed INTJ as the most prevalent MBTI type reported in his
survey.  Especially as it is the type least common 'in the wild'.

Just goes to show how much of a niche market we're playing to.

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