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> Caliban wrote:
>> On Sat, 11 Aug 2001 15:59:26 -0700, Brian Hook
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>> Good taste. I always liked Objective-C, but it seems only about
>> five out of a hundred developers have even HEARD of it, let alone
>> USED it. So when I need to work with a team, Objective-C isn't
>> usually an option.

> I guess we were 1 out of 100. :) They programmed their first
> server engine in Objective-C (1994).  That engine is still in use
> in 5 live graphic MUDs, the first 3 games + 2 games from a
> branched engine.  The code looks very organic after the years of
> gradual mutations, new limbs, and a few vestigial organs.

When I was at graduate school(1993), I visited a company(Hangul &
Computer) where I had interests to work. There I heard about
Objective-C first. Coming back to lab, I found a book about
Objective-C in lab's library. As I thought it's a good way to write
a program to learn a new language, I started a text/ascii based MUD
project. Later, those codes became a base for Nexus: The Kingdom of
the Winds.


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