[MUD-Dev] Personality Types (was Anarchy Online (was Community Feeling))

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt hhs at cbs.dtu.dk
Sat Aug 18 14:19:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Richard A. Bartle wrote:
> On 15th August 2001, Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt wrote:
>> What would be neat would be to have a survey with a thousand
>> questions, and do a components analysis to see which questions
>> were answered similarly.
> I really do not like questionnaires that do that, they mean you
> have to remember what you answered the first time. I once did a
> test at school with, ooh, it must have been well over 500
> questions. On page 30 there was some question that was the same as
> one on page 18 but with the sense reversed - instead of "put these
> vegetables in the order you most like them" it was "put these
> vegetables in the order you least like them". It took me a good 10
> minutes to find what I'd put the first time so I could make their
> software think I was more consistent than I was...

Yes, i agree they are a pain to answer, which is usually why psych
researchers have to pay (usually students) to take these kinds of
surveys.  What i am proposing is a new survey that allows us to
determine which axis exists in the player psyche based on answers to
wider set of game related questions, not from a previous
analysis. The answers should be in the form.

  'How strongly do you agree with these statement: 1 - 5 where 

    1 is i agree completely
    2 is i agree somewhat 
    3 i am indifferent
    4 i disagree somewhat
    5 i disagree completely

  I like the thrill when i defeat another player

  I want to enjoy the repect of other players because of my
  I dont respect people because of their knowledge
  I do not know many players
  I enjoy chatting with others in the game
  Some of my best friends play this game

> As to the "Bartle Test", well obviously it's not meant to be
> anything more than a bit of fun. A serious version of it might try
> asking questions that differentiated along the axes, along "aha,
> they prefer the game over people and acting over interacting, that
> makes them an achiever" lines.

I propose also to have much more varied questions that would ask
questions that may not fit the axis of any particular system. Then
when i (hypotetically) have the answers in house, i could do a
principal components analysis of the answers and let that determine
the axis layout. The naming of axis should then be done by a
qualitative (human) analysis of the questions that strongly grouped
together in the analysis. The analysis would then also tell me which
questions were most representative of a given axis and then let me
construct a smaller 'test' to classify future persons.

Just an idea, now i just need 20.000$ to pay people for answering
thesurvey :-) Hehe...

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