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Corey Crawford myrddin at seventh.net
Sat Aug 18 17:06:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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From: Kwon Ekstrom

> On a side note, this isn't the game I'm developing on my own time,
> that one is my attempt to bypass the compounded problems I have
> with smaug's lack of scalability and most decidedly coder
> unfriendly structure.

Just to further take us off the topic, I have to say that Smaug is
probably the best code base I've worked with to date. Sure, it has
some problems and things I'd like done otherwise, but it's a great
starting point for making something better. My SMAUG game looks
almost NOTHING like the original SMAUG release, I'm only using the
very basics of the SMAUG code. I've already changed the way the
skill system works, the combat system, OLC, dynamic channels,
etc. .. I've also completely revamped tons of other things as I saw

And honestly, it's not THAT 'coder unfriendly'. I mean, hell, it
actually uses C! Woo! The only reason I bring that up is because I'm
currently frying my brain on Cold and ColdC.. and I can tell you
it'd be nice to work in a well documented language (C/C++) that
actually has more than a handful of people who know how to use
it.. I have -maybe- a handful of persons to bring questions to.

The OO'ness of Cold is all and good, but it's definantly not as
straight forward as SMAUG's or any other C based MUD's code. Of
course, this is coming from a guy who thinks OO is a type of

(And no, I'm not saying Cold sucks.. it's actually very cool, it's
just not very friendly ;)

Corey Crawford | ccrawford at seventh.net

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