[MUD-Dev] CoolMUD lives!, sort of.

Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at digitalkingdom.org
Sun Aug 19 11:53:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 02:37:00PM -0400, Dan Root wrote:

> On the flip side of that coin, CoolMUD has a bunch of very
> interesting features, many of which still aren't commonly
> available in other servers.  Perhaps the most significant is
> support for 'distributed' muds, using a UDP protocol called YO

Wow, I didn't know it had a name.  8)

> The server is also disk-based, using a variant of the UnterMUD
> database routines by mjr and Andrew Molitor, fixing a fairly
> common gripe with LambdaMOO.

This leads to a question for the current MUD that I'm working on:

Given that modern operating systems know about swapping, and that
computers nowadays have like a minimum of 64MB of memory for the
most part, is there any real need to have the server be diskbased?

If so, at what point does that need arise?  I mean, if a 100 player
server takes up 128MB of swap, sure, that's Bad, but what if a 10
000 player server takes up 128MB of swap?  Does that change things?
Are there other reasons to make it disk based than simple memory

> I actually ran one for a year or so (actually two, so I could play
> around with the YO code) until my entire userbase was subsumed by
> another MUSH. :) I found it quite easy to work with and program
> for. I also did a bunch of patches to the server myself, which
> I've passed off to Robin already, which is presumably what
> prompted his above post.

Yes, it was.


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