[MUD-Dev] CoolMUD lives!, sort of.

Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at digitalkingdom.org
Mon Aug 20 09:50:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 08:52:39PM -0600, Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> Robin Lee Powell wrote:
>> So, from an offhand comment here, someone mailed me and it turns out
>> that at least on full-scale CoolMUD server was running somewhere,
>> which means there may have been, or may still be, more.
>> So, let me introduce myself.  Hi, I'm the maintainer for
>> CoolMUD. The official page for it is at
>>  http://www.digitalkingdom.org/~rlpowell/coolmud/index.html
> I looked at your site and I looked at some of a diff of your 2.3
> vs.  the 2.1.4 that I found elsewhere.


> I found it somewhat hard to identify the changes without a
> changelog.  :) Any clues for us?

In the _server_ code, largely bug fixes.  Ran purify on it, did a
lot of work on making things like \" and \n work properly, removed a
couple of shift-reduce conflicts in the yacc code because I finally
hit one of them after 2 years, enhanced map handling.  Just really
minor stuff like that.

In the in-db code, rather more, like a non-sucky help system and a line

> What plans, apart from scrapping it one day in favor of the
> Mozart/Oz codebase, do you have for it?

None, unless someone is actually using it.  I always support stuff
until there are no users, because I'm honorable like that.  But to
be honest, the server is pretty complete from my point of view,
especially if I roll DaR's chages it, it's the in-db stuff that'd
need work.

> What else might you have to say about it or the changes that
> you've made?

It's a really great piece of code, but I no longer buy into doing
MUDs in languages as low level as C.  It's just too much work.


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