[MUD-Dev] Writing a MUD Server in Visual Basic?

Sean K sean at hoth.ffwd.cx
Tue Aug 21 12:07:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Matt Owen wrote:

> A colleague of mine has recently been talking about writing a MUD
> server in visual basic, as he believes that the speed of current
> machines more than outweighs VBs sluggishness.
> I'm not so sure it's possible to write a server in VB, even for a
> small scale world (~64 players), aren't there threading and load
> balancing issues ?

There isn't any reason why you couldn't write a MUD server in VB.
And a small-scale world really won't have any load-balancing
problems -- you're talking about a single process (probably)
handling all the connection.  But I have to ask why.  VB is a good
platform for creating GUI-intensive programs that don't have a lot
of code behind them.  You're talking about creating a program that
likely has no GUI at all, and is entirely language-intensive.
Programming is partly knowing the tool to choose for the task at
hand.  There are better tools suited to a server program than VB.


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