[MUD-Dev] Mental Nudges (was Pocket PC development)

Frank Crowell maddog at shell9.ba.best.com
Wed Aug 22 11:43:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Paul Schwanz wrote:

> I'm curious to hear the killers on the list speak up as to what
> kind of mental nudges might keep them feeling connected to the
> game.

A messageboard gives me a snapshot of the recent history, mood, and
issues.  But there are also times when I want to check the status of
the game as it is now: is the raiding party gone, what guilds have
moved into the area, is traveling from a to b possible at this time,
what is the current region buzz.

It also would be nice to do a playback on all the shouts in a zone--
by channels of course and with a timestamp. Another nice feature
would be the able to download any event recordings and play those
back on my device.

I see the PDA as real-time message viewing device with some ICQ like
capabilities and very limited ingame abilities ("who", "tell").  The
ability to go to any zone and xyz location as a nonplayer entity
(remote-camerabot).  And the ability to playback scripts from simple
text to more complex machinima.

An agent would be ideal because then I just have to have my agent at
some known location and tell the agent what I want.  Then it could
log into the game server and get as much information as it could.
It could even deliver messages.  The only drawback that I see to the
external agent is that most games don't support a nonplayer entity,
so you agent has to be a character that shows up on the who list,
can get hungry, can't jump from location to location, and can get

Am I still on the "mental nudge" topic or did I wander off again?


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