[MUD-Dev] Mental Nudges (was Pocket PC development)

Ian Collyer i.collyer at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 22 15:50:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Paul Schwanz wrote:

> I'm curious to hear the killers on the list speak up as to what
> kind of mental nudges might keep them feeling connected to the
> game.

I'm no killer, but I do enjoy a bit of PK sport now and then.

I'd imagine individual/clan rivalries rank high in the list of
things that keep killers tied to a game.

Perhaps an update along the lines of:

- Biffo is today's top PKer with 14 kills.

- Boffo successfully raided clan X today.

- The Mage guild were victorious in their war against the
Necromancers with 23 kills to 5.


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