[MUD-Dev] [TECH] MySQL for mud databases

Jim S dlur at daemon304.local
Sat Sep 1 10:21:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[Brian Hook wrote:]

> So I was wondering if anyone has used MySQL for their MUD work
> and, if so, how they liked it.

We use MySQL for quite a bit of our storage mechanisms.  We
originally started out as a stock MUD and have since redone the vast
majority of the code, perhaps all but the sockets interface.  Right
now we are to the point where pretty much everything except some
pfile and most of the world files are stored using MySQL.  We find
this to be very nice not only in terms of being able to add new
things with ease, but also it gives us the ability to do some nifty
perl in order to control a lot of the MUD functions from our secure
staff web page.  For example our racial database is a MySQL table.
If we decide that gnomes should be a little bit taller and have a
different range of weights we can just change this from the staff
web form and as soon as I approve the changes it goes in.  I'm
pretty sure we haven't even broken the tip of the iceberg as to what
the db will handle.

Jim Sykora
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