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> What about socialization in other MUDs with grand openings?

> I it generally true that the social atmosphere two years after
> release is much different from the atmosphere two months after
> release?

Of course there's a difference in the social activities of a brand
new MUD/game as compared to a well established game of several years
of age.

New game:

  #1 Almost all players are still getting a feel of how the game works.

  #2 Almost no players know or have used all the game features.

  #3 Unless you joined the game with a group of friends, you're just
  playing with strangers.

Established game:

  #1 There are likely guru's of the game already. Often these people
  are nice and help newer players.

  #2 People who have been playing the same time slots have probably
  talked and gotten to know each other, perhaps even became friends.

  #3 As players learned the ins and outs of the game, acceptable
  play patterns no doubt emerged. This often leads to "defacto"
  standards of what's acceptable and what's not if you want to "be
  nice to other players".

These are just a few examples of social changes as a game
matures. I'm sure there are lots of other things that I have

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