[MUD-Dev] Strix: Object Persistence on Relational Backends

Ling Lo ling at slimy.com
Sun Sep 2 05:27:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001



Strix is a software framework for storing and retrieving objects
using conventional relational databases. In fact, Strix is not a
database engine, but a software layer that sits between your
application and a relational backend such as Microsoft Jet or
Microsoft SQL Server.

Strix exposes a totally object-oriented API that allows you to
create, save, delete, retrieve and modify objects. Data is actually
stored into a relational database, but you have not to worry about

No source code/software to leech from this one but I thought some
people here like to keep tabs on these things DB-esque.

Even has an example in VB. :)

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