[MUD-Dev] [TECH] MySQL for mud databases

Jim S dlur at daemon304.local
Tue Sep 4 00:07:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[Brian Hook wrote:]
>  At 10:21 AM 9/1/01 -0500, Jim Sykora wrote:

>>   We use MySQL for quite a bit of our storage mechanisms.

>  How are you interfacing to it?

First off I'd better start off by saying that I'm not the one who=20
designs or implements the code, database, or web stuff on our MUD.
I mostly do world design and come up with ideas.  Anyhow as far as I
know the web side of the MySQL database is interfaced via perl =

Many of the maintnance functions are also handled with perl which is
our head coder's forte.  As far as I know the MUD end of the
interface is done with the C++ code, but as I said I really don't
know that many specifics here.  I mostly just use the web side of
things and if I need to make any large scale changes to the data or
add a new field to be coded in I use the mysqlfront utility which is
very handy.

>>   staff web page.  For example our racial database is a MySQL table.

>  Hmmmm.  Assuming you have a scripting language, how do you
>  integrate/reconcile your scripting with your data, since often
>  the two are closely enough related that the line is fairly
>  blurry.

I'm not entirely sure here, I'll forward this on to the fellow who
codes this part of the MUD and get back to you on it.

Jim Sykora
tempus at exilemud.com

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