[MUD-Dev] Writing a MUD Server in Visual Basic?

Lars Duening lars at bearnip.com
Wed Sep 5 07:46:23 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Matt Mihaly wrote on Monday, September 03 2001, 19:51:20:
> On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Chris Gray wrote:

>> I must have missed this post in the catchup from my vacation. I'm
>> interested in MUD performance data, too. Mostly because I think
>> mine is the fastest there is, of course. :-) Several years ago
>> when mine was still "AmigaMUD", someone did some comparisons
>> between it and the LPMud of the time and it was lots faster than
>> that, but I know the LP's have gotten a lot faster, and I've
>> gotten my new bytecode engine. So, is there anyone out there that
>> has downloaded my server (the hits can't all have been search
>> engines!) who is in a position to compare it to the latest LP's?

> How could we benchmark MUDs? In other words, how could we test
> them under the exact same conditions?

A start would be to test the speed of the VM Engine, if there is
one, with tests like the Dhrystone.

More MUD-specific tests could be done using simulated player
activities, for example how long it takes to change from one room to
the next.

 -- Lars, who downloaded Chris' driver, but so far lacked the time
    to take a closer look.
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