[MUD-Dev] Structured Social Play

Tamzen Cannoy tamzen at worldbenders.com
Fri Sep 7 20:14:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

At 2:23 PM -0700 9/6/01, Daniel Bendiksen wrote:

> One thing that turn based games provide EASY access to that none
> of the MUDs I've been in does is offline communications.
> In every MUD I've been in, if you want to read/write email, you
> have to trek to a post office and do your actions there.
> A pretense for making email easier would be to make the email
> system "mental", meaning they can just think about it (i.e. issue
> a command anywhere in the MUD) and send/receive email.
> Another thing that turns me off about mud email is how shockingly
> primitive it is! It's almost like someone created a crude line
> entry method and thought "operational. I'll make it better later",
> but then never got back to it.

Try a good Mush sometimes. There are very sophisticated mailing
systems in a lot of them. Yes, you can send mail from everywhere,
yes there are reasonable editors. No, none of them is as good as

I really am appalled sometimes at what people playing
LP/Diki/whatevers will put up with. :)


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