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Matthew D. Fuller fullermd at over-yonder.net
Sat Sep 8 08:51:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 02:23:51PM -0700 I heard the voice of
Daniel Bendiksen, and lo! it spake thus:
> Another thing that turns me off about mud email is how shockingly
> primitive it is! It's almost like someone created a crude line
> entry method and thought "operational. I'll make it better later",
> but then never got back to it.

Ooh, now there's a rant I've had many times.

And they're not even *GOOD* line-entry methods.  We've got prior art
out the wazoo with ed on the *nix side, and EDLIN in DOS, and SOS,
and probably way more programs that I haven't even heard of.  It's
pretty thoroughly-plowed ground, and yet most every in-MUD system
I've seen for it just ignores all the prior work done in that
specific case, and thwacks something together out of the blue sky.

Now, it's understandable that the line-entry is all that you get (at
least, on MUD's structured around a basic telnet interface).  Do
*YOU* want to try and teach your MUD about termcap-ish stuff, and
screen-based interfaces, and make it 'work' with all of the various
telnet and MUD clients that people use on a regular basis?

None of those, of course, applies if you have a specialized client
(it goes without saying, which is why I felt the need to say it ;)

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