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Koster Koster
Sun Sep 9 15:39:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Christopher Allen
> Daniel Bendiksen wrote:
>> In every MUD I've been in, if you want to read/write email, you
>> have to trek to a post office and do your actions there.

> The players of Castle Marrach have a lot of fun with the courier
> system.  Throughout the castle are the nearly ubiquitous CNPC
> couriers from whom you can request a scroll. Write something on
> it, address it, optionally sign it, and hand it to a courier, the
> next time any courier sees the addressee the courier will give the
> scroll to the addressee. A superior mail system that is completely
> in character -- people treasure their favorite scrolls and stash
> them away, save them to give as evidence in trials. More recently,
> a new skill of hand-writing analysis allows some authors anonymous
> scrolls to be identified, and some people are trying to learn how
> to counterfeit.

On Legend you can buy a variety of types of mail, including birthday
cards, teddy bears, lingerie, flowers, get well cards, and so on
down the line.  They all work exactly like regular mail. It makes a
big difference to the player experience to get something other than
just "a note."

Players do still have to go visit a mailbox to get their mail, but
since you are told when you log in that you have mail, and you get
mail where you log in, that's not very onerous. Plus I think you can
go OOC (which moves you to a whole OOC area with themed shops--where
you can buy the above notes--and meeting rooms and the like) and use
the mail facilities there. You can go OOC from anywhere...

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