Higher barrier to entry? was RE: [MUD-Dev] NEWS: Blizzard Entertainment announces World of Warcraft

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Sun Sep 9 15:43:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Brian Hook wrote:

> Optimistically speaking, we think we can get 5000 subscribers when
> the entire game is in place.  Our #1 worry is the infrastructure
> -- we know how to build it, but hiring ops and support staff,
> billing, bandwidth, etc. are big worries.  The technology is
> trivial, it's the logistics that scare us.  Which is why we're
> hoping for no more than a couple hundred subscribers initially.
> Unless we can find someone that's willing to partner with us to
> deal with the logistical stuff, at which point we're home free.

This is actually quite difficult -- to date, combined with
post-release dev support of bugs and new features I'd say for us
that it is as expensive as the development of the games.

When you get close to the beta of your product, talk to us.

-- Christopher Allen

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