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In <URL:/archives/meow?group+local.muddev> on Wed 05 Sep, Matt Mihaly wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Tom Hubina wrote:

> I don't really see players kicking butt against incredible odds in
> PvE games. Players win 99% of the time. Not exactly bad odds.

True, but is that not because players do not like to lose? It may be
difficult to make smarter monsters on a mud, but surely it is not
that hard to make it next to impossible for the human player to win?
I think that is not done because players would not like it. They
want their 'fights' to be seemingly hard, but relatively safe for

> Yeah, I'll certainly take issue with that. If it takes time and
> dedication to get enjoyment out of it, that's entirely because of
> decisions the designers made. There's nothing inherent about RPGs
> that limits the ability of people to play for 20 minutes at a
> time.

This I feel, depends on what you mean by RPG. If you are refering to
the game industry definition (D&D derived) then no, there is nothing
restricting a player from playing a few minutes every now and
then. You just need a finely grained quest system that sets a player
with a goal and a conclusion they can reach in the allot- ted time.
Like those hike trails where the route with the yellow signs takes
one hour and the one with the red signs takes two.  If on the other
hand you are refering to social games, like Pern Mush, then no,
there is an inhering limitation that requires you to play
longer. Those games are about other people and plots, and that takes
time to develop.

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