[MUD-Dev] TEC Distribuate engine &cost of band width

Stéphane Garin <youri@wanadoo.fr> Stéphane Garin <youri@wanadoo.fr>
Sun Sep 9 21:58:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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We have made a distributed server for multiplayer game based on
master/dulicate and distributed truth.  Its main, but not least,
interest is to reduce required server bandwidth by a factor of 30 to
40.  At this point we manage 40 players in a realtime persistant 3D
universe (game) which is also supporting 150 atonomous agents. It
could be more but the distibuted truth would become distributed lie

Minimally it requires a 32K dialup modem connection and can accept
connection/deconnection, even for the master. For the server the
bandwidth requirement is 3K/s during the game.

We are now evaluating price & licensing models for this (a difficult
process).  I'm looking for the cost of a dedicated server and
bandwidth for online game (about 40 simultanous half life) or
massively persistant game.

Does anybody help us to get this information ?

Stephane Garin

I will soon published the link of the beta version in this mailing
list, as soon as we finish the alpha test.

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