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Takis Kalogiratos scorn at otenet.gr
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At 02:23 =EC=EC 6/9/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> From: Christopher Allen

>> I agree with Tom that trying to attract the "casual" gamer has
>> some serious problems because the key to these games is the
>> socialization and it is very hard to socialize in 20 minutes in
>> all but long-term strategic (i.e. turn based) games.

> One thing that turn based games provide EASY access to that none
> of the MUDs I've been in does is offline communications.

> In every MUD I've been in, if you want to read/write email, you
> have to trek to a post office and do your actions there.

> A pretense for making email easier would be to make the email
> system "mental", meaning they can just think about it (i.e. issue
> a command anywhere in the MUD) and send/receive email.

Actually, most ROM based muds, nowadays, feature a board system that
can be used from anywhere in the mud. There are snippets out there
for that though nyone could write an editor or even if you're a
newbie coder you can always modify the olc (Ivan's would work right)
description editor function and call it from your noting system.

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