[MUD-Dev] Preference for host OS

Sean K sean at hoth.ffwd.cx
Mon Sep 10 12:35:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Sat, 8 Sep 2001, Brian Hook wrote:

> I don't want this to get into a religious war, but I'm curious
> about anecdotal data when it comes to the preference in hosting
> operating systems.


> The factors that seem to be the crux of an OS choice are probably
> price, robustness, security, performance, and ease of
> installation/administration/development.  I've done some Linux
> installs and, overall, they seem to be okay (RH and Mandrake).

I would add availability and prepend "remote" to "administration."
I would think that many MUDs are running on either rented server
space or colocated machines.  In the first case, you can only use
what's offered... and in both cases, remote administration is
crucial.  The various Unices are far more commonly available and
much easier to administrate remotely.  Not having to reboot the
machine when installing patches seems like a huge plus in favor of

> So if people are willing to chime in about their choice of host OS
> and, more importantly, why, I'd be very interested in hearing.

At this point, I would probably say Linux.  IMO it's inferior to the
BSD's but it makes up for this lack by its popularity (a degree
which I don't think BSD will ever achieve).


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