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Kevin Littlejohn darius at bofh.net.au
Mon Sep 10 16:23:30 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"Christopher Allen" wrote
> Brian Hook wrote:
>> Doing a basic google search I found quite a few subscription style
>> software systems for sale, for example the RODOPI:
>>   http://www.rodopi.com
>> Companies like this cater to the ISP market, and that's pretty much
>> what a commercial MUD is.  Why were services like this unsuitable?
> You are correct -- software catering ISP market was another place we
> looked into.

Hum.  I actually write billing systems for ISPs and similar for a
living (and have managed to keep the core system involved open
sourced, although it's not publically available atm due to my not
spending the time to package it up nicely).  If people are looking
at doing custom work on billing stuff, I'd be more than happy to
chat.  Given the value of the Aussie dollar, I can even reasonably
say I work cheap ;)

I find as a general rules that systems like rodopi are a 90% fit -
they'll leave you hanging on some aspect of the service.  I've
actually got one installation that's running ours alongside rodopi,
because rodopi doesn't do what we do in some places (and vice
versa), so moving customers from one to the other is a pain.

Whatever you get, you're likely to have to either hire contractors,
or hire your own programmers, to work on the stuff to make it fit
you exactly (that's what I spend my time doing, tailoring billing
systems to specific requirements).  Just depends on how you want to
manage it - and yeah, as Christopher pointed out, billing work seems
to be a non-favourite passtime amongst game coders ;)

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