Higher barrier to entry? was RE: [MUD-Dev] NEWS: Blizzard En tertainment announces World of Warcraft

Koster Koster
Mon Sep 10 16:47:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Sean K

> Battle.Net has an incredible number of subscribers. 

Zero? Just being picky, but they don't charge subscription fees. I
heard a figure of 210,000 players over the course of a day for all
of Battle.Net.  That's not in a different ballpark from the MMORPGs,
and is a MUCH lower conversion rate of purchasers of the box to
players online.

Sort of reminds me of the people who say Counterstrike is the most
popular online game; yet when you look at the number of simultaneous
CS players by surfing matchmaking sites like Gamespy, you don't
actually get that high a number.

Mind you, I think WoW will do very well and will probably be a lot
of fun, and that the guys at Blizzard are smart folks who have been
paying a lot of attention (I'd be surprised if a couple of them
weren't on the list, actually... I know I encouraged some of them to

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