[MUD-Dev] Writing a MUD Server in Visual Basic?

Dan MacDonald danmac at windows.microsoft.com
Mon Sep 10 18:34:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Connections per X Unit of Memory (e.g. 1MB Ram)

What I was trying to get at here is that most multiplayer games
require some form of reliable packet delivery. You can use what you
get for free with TCP or you can implement your own with UDP. Either
case you're going to have to manage a data structure containing
packets that have yet to receive an ACK and need to be resent.

Since TCP services are maintained by the OS it's difficult to
measure how many system resources your TCP sockets are taking
up. (or is it easy?)

If you're managing your own reliable delivery then it should be
simpler to Monitor how much (on average) resources are being
allocated per client/connection.

Chris Gray said...

> You'd have to specify what the activities are. For example, my
> server would process a "look around" in an empty room a whole lot
> faster than it would process a "walk north" from one busy room to
> another, especially if there is special softcode involved in the
> entry and/or exit.

Again here I think we just want some averages. You could limit it to
different transaction types. Movement, Buy Sell, stat changes
etc. But I think all the games will have a pretty similar
transaction distribution.  One could state their average/median
transaction wich is weighted based on the frequency of said
transactions and then post their transactions per unit of time.

Same thing for Latency Per client. Clients under normal playing
conditions use X amount of server resources and expirence x
latency. As the client load=20 Increases latency increases X. The
growth rate of this function is probably more important then the
actual numbers.

Dan MacDonald
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