[MUD-Dev] MudDev FAQ - part 2

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Mon Sep 10 20:55:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 03:41:12 +0200 
Mats Lidstrom <mats at avatargate.com> wrote:

> From: "Marian Griffith" <gryphon at iaehv.nl>
>> Lucasfilm's Habitat
>> <URL:http://www.communities.com/company/papers/lessons.html>
>> <URL:http://race-server.race.u-tokyo.ac.jp/RACE/TGM/Mud/habitat.html>
>> <URL:http://www.communities.com/people/crock/habitat.html>
>> <URL:http://beta.communities.com/> Detailed documents about an
>> ambitious graphical mud. [JCL]

> The above links needs updated :) Habitat/WorldsAway/VZones can be
> found at:

>   http://www.vzones.com/

The Habitat papers themselves can be found in the Library at
Kanga.Nu (use the search, the root entries of the DB are corrupt,
but the entries are still there and working).

  ObApology: I have not restored the Library from backups on tape
  as an example of the general intransigence and unfriendliness of
  non-robotic tape based backup solutions (jn this case DDS II DAT).
Specifically you can find the Habitat papers in the MUD-dev archives
where they've been posted several times, on sunsite/ibiblio, and in
the mirrored collection at kanga.nu.  Would somebody (ie not me)
mind sending a set of corrected URLs for the papers to Marian?  They
are critical early documents in the formation and definition of this
the field.

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