[MUD-Dev] Benchmarking MUDs

Adam Martin ya_hoo_com at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 01:45:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Ian Collyer" <i.collyer at ntlworld.com>

> Prime targets for benchmarking MUDs must be...

>   - Memory
>   - Processor
>   - Bandwidth
>   - Disk space

That only covers the results from the server view of life. Client
view of a MUD would be interested in extra things:

  - Latency (marginal, as opposed to infrastructure-imposed e.g. the
  inherent latency of my modem dial-up)

    - + various different areas for latency

       - command-confirmation (did that click / typed command do
       anything? )

       - push-data (oh look, someone just walked in front of me, can
       I aim at them before they disappear)

       - social interaction latency (above a critical threshold -
       surely researched especially in context of military and
       trans-atlantic phone calls - communication latency seriously
       wrecks the abilitiy to hold a conversation)

  - Client bandwidth used (as opposed to total bandwidth)

  - Client processing (for all MUDs that use or need specialized

  - + probably others but these were off the top of my head

Adam M
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