[MUD-Dev] RE: [MUD DEV] Text editors in MUDs [was Structured Social Play]

Adam Martin ya_hoo_com at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 02:03:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Daniel Bendiksen" <spamreceiver at smalltowncomputers.com>

> By the time you've handled all that randomness, you've come very
> close to actually teaching your MUD exactly how to use ANSI. You
> may even have discovered the fact that you can have scrollable
> windows inside an ANSI terminal (or was that VT100 or VT220?).

Definitely worked in DOS ANSI drivers. Never found much use for them
though in my BBS coding, because of the difficulties you allured to
in tracking the content of said windows.

Anyone looking for inspiration should try searching for the late
BBS's that had fully arrow-key controlled user interfaces, with
animated menu screens (even background animations - in some cases it
headed towards the silliness of the personal websites you see with
pointless flash animations all over the them, and lots of
javascripts downloaded from other sites, to the point of
overwhelming the surfer).

There was really rather a lot you could do in the normally basic
terminal programs freely available for BBS connections.

Also, I'd suggest taking a look at the telnet RFC's - the shame is
that you need to read lots of RFC's in order to get the complete
picture - but there's quite a lot of negotiation and auto-detection
(or transparent queries from the server to the client and vice
versa) for e.g. size of terminal screen, mutual capabilities,
etc. already within telnet, with extendability IIRC - so you can
create a new telnet-capability of your own.
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