[MUD-Dev] Casual vs. Hardcore gameplay

Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 11 04:40:23 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Ian Collyer wrote:

> So, distilling from those games the traits that I think reinforce
> the casual/hardcore nature...
>   Casual:
>     - Ability to 'solo'
>     - Obvious short term goals
>     - Player driven timeline
>     - Convenient exit points
>   Hardcore:
>     - Player interaction
>     - Undefined or long term objectives
>     - Evolving storyline

I've considered checkers, network cards games (like hearts or
euchre), and even Quake to be casual games.  All of them are heavily
multiplayer, although admittedly you can play against the computer.
Checkers and card games are usually short (maybe 1.2 hour or so).
Quake servers often feature games running constantly where you can
drop in for 10-15 minutes, frag a few" and drop out.  Nobody seems
to mind much. I think your "convenient exit" holds true for some
popular versions of Quake games.  You might want to evaluate or
define that solo/multiplayer criteria better in that light.  Maybe
multiplayer games that have convenient exit points or run for only a
brief time.

Chess may or may not be a casual game.  It depends on your level of
play.  I mean I consider myself to be a casual player, but when I
sit down I know I may be playing a single game that lasts more than
an hour.  Although there is convenient exit point, resigning, even
casual players care about there ratings, and it's generally
considered rude to exit a game prematurely.  Then again one might
suggest that people who play rated chess games are really hardcore
despite their occassional play and not casual players at all.

Although what about games like Age of Empires or Age of Kings?  It
can take 2+ hours to complete a single standard multi-player game,
and it's rare to have such a game take less than 30 minutes.  Then
again maybe the only people playing it multiplayer are hardcore

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