[MUD-Dev] RE: [MUD DEV] Text editors in MUDs [was Structured Social Play]

Freeman Freeman
Tue Sep 11 09:01:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Adam Martin [mailto:ya_hoo_com at yahoo.com]

> Anyone looking for inspiration should try searching for the late
> BBS's that had fully arrow-key controlled user interfaces, with
> animated menu screens (even background animations - in some cases
> it headed towards the silliness of the personal websites you see
> with pointless flash animations all over the them, and lots of
> javascripts downloaded from other sites, to the point of
> overwhelming the surfer).


While it didn't have animated backgrounds and dancing elves, it does
have arrow-key controlled user interface.  Later versions even had
windows-esque pulldown menus, which was hysterically funny at 300

> There was really rather a lot you could do in the normally basic
> terminal programs freely available for BBS connections.

At one point a wrote a "chat with the sysop" app' that would record
a portion of the screen, explode a chat area, and then restore the
screen at the end of the chat session.  I'm not sure it relied
entirely on ANSI to record the screen contents, though, and I don't
have the source code to any of my old BBS doors. :/
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