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Travis Casey efindel at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 11 15:45:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Monday, September 10, 2001, 8:05:01 PM, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 07:30:30 -0700, "Daniel Bendiksen"
> <spamreceiver at smalltowncomputers.com> wrote:

>> Another note that I have yet to see MUDs using... Auto detect
>> ANSI fellas!  If you auto-detect ANSI, you can put some color in
>> your initial 'welcome' screens. *Now where did I put my ANSI code
>> tables? I know there's an init challenge/response there somewhere
>> that you can use to auto-detect with...*

> ESC[6n -- cursor position report. That's what I always used.

The Video Terminal Archive, at:


is a great place to look for info on control codes and such.

Looking around there, I found that "qterm" and "termset" are Unix
programs for automatically identifying terminal type.
Unfortunately, the sites links to them have rotted, but at least
that gives you something to search for.

The telnet terminal-type option is described in RFC 1091:


Last time I worked with it, the MudOS LP driver had built-in support
for this.

The cursor position report request that Caliban mentions can be
used; if you're using that, the terminal should send back ESC[{line
number};{column number}R.  Another method would be to send a request
for a device status report with ESC[5n.  The terminal should send
back ESC[0n for Ready, or ESC[3n for Malfunction Detected.

VT100s support these, and anything else that follows the ANSI
standard should as well.

Travis Casey
efindel at earthlink.net

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