FW: [MUD-Dev] [BIZ] Billing systems

Dave Kennerly Dave at Nexon.com
Wed Sep 12 15:32:30 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Travis Nixon wrote:

>Just out of curiosity, why isn't paypal more generally supported?

Nexon's customers say Paypal is too frustrating and limited.  Nexon
began offering it (as one of the payment options) this summer.
Primarily customers complained that it requires a complex initial
setup.  Some couldn't use it for one reason or another.  If Paypal
were the only option, Nexon would see a significant decline in
revenue.  It only supports US players, securely, because of some
credit card parameters.  It could be used internationally, but the
merchant is made partially liable for fraud.  It doesn't support
automatic renewal.  It's fee (about 3% + $0.12 ?) is less than most
billing services that Nexon looked at.


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