[MUD-Dev] Preference for host OS

David Loeser daklozar at home.com
Thu Sep 13 20:35:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

I was wondering if anyone has tinkered with QNX? I've downloaded and
installed the QNX RTOS to test the OS. I like the OS - it boots fast
and is fast. No sluggishness on my Pentium 75 (the box I installed
it on) w/ only 64M of RAM.

I have just viewed their web site and found the new QNX Networking
Infrastructure Platform:


The datasheet is here:


and there is a white-paper as well.

I'm contemplating the use of QNX RTOS - anyone have experience with
this OS?

David "Dak Loeser" Loeser

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