[MUD-Dev] Structured Social Play

Daniel Bendiksen spamreceiver at smalltowncomputers.com
Sat Sep 15 00:20:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: shren
> On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Daniel Bendiksen wrote:

>> Another thing that turns me off about mud email is how shockingly
>> primitive it is! It's almost like someone created a crude line
>> entry method and thought "operational. I'll make it better
>> later", but then never got back to it.

> Sounds like there's room for a common document editor for smaller
> muds to use.  Have an editor/small server package where the player
> can write and name documents.  When the user logs on to a mud, the
> mud calls the player's ip with the port of the document system,
> and then whenever he needs to input text/email/messages/whatever
> he has the option of using text from the document system.

Maybe a pretty good idea, but you will encounter a real problem with
it...  The server attempting to connect to the client will bounce
off both NAT and most firewalls, and thusly will fail for some
(maybe many) users.

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