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>> This was posted on Lumthemad.net I thought it might be of
>> interest to everyone here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who was
>> both amused and apalled by this.

> I've been seeing quite a bit of this "I thought of it first, you
> stole that idea from me" fever going around lately (check
> fatbabies for another incarnation regarding Max Payne's
> bullet-time), and frankly, it rather sickens me, especially in the
> gaming industry, where practically every game you could name is a
> derivative of some other game.

> If you want to take it to an extreme, even game concepts that
> don't derive directly from other games almost certainly derive
> from real-world concepts.


Argh!  This rant has caused me no end of confusion and aggrevation

The point of my rant wasn't to claim that we "invented" the concept
of PvP, guild war, or anything else of the sort.  The point of the
rant, in fact, was that I was taking exception to another company
doing so (i.e. "we introduce the concept blah blah blah")

In fact, in the discussion that followed, I gave a very concise
definition of "invention" -vs- "innovation" (one that mirrors your
own, in fact) and said, point blank, that we weren't intending to
claim either one.  Somehow this message, poorly written as it might
be, was completely incorrectly read by a lot of people.  When
another company claims to "introduce a concept" that has been around
for years, I felt the need to cry bullshit.  For the same reason you
seem to be taking exception to the idea of our team claiming it.  I
agree.  We aren't claiming it.  They are.  The link to our press
release wasn't an attempt to say we were claiming it, either, it was
to show how ridiculous thier claim was.  I'm sure I could have found
a different (and better) example but that one was quite handy.

Most of this misconnect seems, from what I can tell, from my misuse
of one word : "Why is everyone coming into our niche?" which was
meant to read as "Why is everyone coming into this niche?" or, even
better, "Why is everyone, including us, going after the same niche?"

Again, sorry for the confusion.  I'm getting roasted much worst for
this than the company who, quite literally, announced they were the
"inventors" in the first place.

Wolfpack Studios

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