[MUD-Dev] research in online games

Travis Nixon tnixon at avalanchesoftware.com
Wed Sep 26 10:46:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

From: "Manuel Oliveira" <m.oliveira at cs.ucl.ac.uk>

> The target audience are users who play FPS and MORPG. The main
> purpose of the questionnaire is to establish that users are aware
> that the network and how they perceive its impact on their
> experience.

> Should you fit the profile, I ask if you could spare 5 minutes to
> fill out the questionnaire. Should you wish to disseminate the
> url, please do so. The results will become publicly available.

Well, I answered all your questions, but I think you're going to
have trouble with that questionnaire.

The qualifications necessary for a good session of an online FPS
requires a good, low, consistent ping.

The current round of MMORPGs are MUCH more forgiving.  For example,
I wouldn't dream of playing quake online with a 500 ping, but a 500
ping is perfectly acceptable in Everquest.

Basically what this boils down to is that your networking questions
are good for shooters, but hopelessly irrelevant for MMORPGs.  Of
course, that leads to completely different answers to the questions
based on point of view, and since you don't know which point of view
the answers come from, the data will be meaningless. :(

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