[MUD-Dev] Fwd: [CLIENT-DEV] Software Packages for MOO

Bruce Mitchener bruce at puremagic.com
Thu Sep 27 00:19:55 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

>From the TkMOO dev list:

  Andrew Wilson (TkMOO-Lite author) writes:
  > Hi,
  > I've wrapped up some MOO-code that makes use of various MCP
  > packages, and put the whole lot on the web.  Documentation is
  > very sparse, but some of you will find these objects very
  > familiar.  So far there's some Time-Zone Watches, a
  > Stock-Ticker, a Search-Engine interface and a Spell-Checker
  > interface.
  > I'll flesh-out the docs a little more in coming weeks, and
  > hopefully get round to adding some new applications too.
  > http://www.awns.com/packages/
  > Cheers,
  > Ay.

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