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> The fact that books such as Meyers, Coplien, etc. exist -- and the
> fact that the patterns they talk about are so damn obtuse half the
> time -- has really turned me off.  I have about 10 books on the
> C++ language, and only one on Obj-C, and yet the latter is smaller
> than any of the former books and pretty much describes the
> language and its usage clearly and concisely.

To quote from, I believe, Morris Wilkes "Any language whose
specification cannot be written down on a few sheets of paper is too
big..." (I think the quote goes on to say "to be understood by
anyone, and hence to be implemented properly" but I'm not
sure). Java, IIRC, consumes around 70 odd pages even with the best
will in the world. Any estimates on how much it would take to define
C++ and more pertinently Obj-C?

I think this does have a very noticeable impact on the ease and
speed with which the language can be used, learnt, understood, and
finally appreciated (in roughly that chronological order, going by
how most people seem to approach it ;).

Adam M
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