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Miroslav Silovic silovic at petra.zesoi.fer.hr
Fri Sep 28 16:13:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

"Adam Martin" <ya_hoo_com at yahoo.com> writes:

> And would you be happy with Java's static typing if it also
> provided true polymorphism (I'm thinking along the lines of ML
> type-checking), rather than the half-hearted hacky polymorphism
> that it actually has? (As is probably obvious, I'm really not
> happy about the state of polymorphism in Java, or lack thereof)

Well, I, for one, like Java typesystem. I prefer to think it's
dynamically typed with a number of exceptional types added for
performance. Yes, it's a hack, but it gives you /both/ a simple
compilation /and/ a decent dynamism. Same as in Objective C
(although I sorta wish Java's classes and selectors were first-class

Also, I tried to write a MUD-like thing (very simple, just to test
the language) in Ocaml, and found the task to be somewhat
unpleasant. Event handling, in particular, is much easier without a
strict type system (but then, I think that Observer pattern is just
unnecessary pain).

How to eff the ineffable?
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